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    The nets are much reduced from previous years, both on the Spanish and Maroc sides. A couple of years ago, there were no nets set at all for a season to encourage stocks. Problem is that further along the Barbary Coast, other nations dont seem to care. I think generally blue fin tuna are in rapid decline, sadly, and certainly not the size they used to be caught at.

    Noticably, the Japanese Reefer that used to sit in Barbatte for the season has been absent for 5 or more years.

    Also in Barbatte, there is now a Tuna Museum(!) by the marina. Unfortunately, its never open when I use the harbour, but Im really interested in having a look. Will be there at end of month en passant, so may get in.

    I do know from the other week that the seasonal beachfont restaurants are open and in full swing, tuna (delicious) on the menus and beer wine and a feed for 4 is not much more than a tenner a head! Viva Barbatte!!
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