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    Default Technical specs from trailler Mecanorem b 1502

    I am looking for a sales catalogue or other papper with the specifications from the trailler Mecanorem b 1502 from year 2000/2001 in order to legalise one i have purchased in France.
    The authoroties demand such papper, and i can´t find in no place.
    Best regards!

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    Default this may, or may not, help

    Head office :
    100 Rue Petit 75019 Paris

    Tel: +33 2 33 95 45 45
    Fax: +33 2 33 95 45 40
    Remorques Mecanorem Mediterranee can be contacted on +33 (0)4 42 09 15 00 and by fax on +33 (0)4 42 09 09 99. Based in France you can contact them with your questions about Yacht & Marine Supplier & Service services with the following email: . Their main postal address is:

    333 Av. François Miterrand

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    Default mecanorem office

    thanks for the reply.
    I have already contacted main office using email and they have passed my request to Spanish representant, and after explaining my problem, no further answer was given.
    After that i have contacted Trigano, that i think owns mecanorem, and they have sent me the last catalogue with the newer traillers specs, i have replied asking for the specs from the one i have and so far no answer again.
    My main concern is not getting the trailler aproved and some day legislation in Portugal changes again and i have to get again the documents i already have and others they may want.


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