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    My favourite boat has to be the first fair line corniche I had in 1999 , I did more miles in one season than I can remember, but that was when it s was abou 38p per litre!!

    We crossed lyme bay twice in the same year, it made a weekend to Weymouth a viable option when the sea was reasonable! How it's all changed.

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    I will always miss Mucky farter, the fun we had both here and aboard her, was immense.

    Is there another boat of similar size, that would take on a F8 and leave a F10 behind her. We just had ten minutes to tie here up, before the F10 hit.

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    I'm still on my first boat. A Powels 46. Despite all the hassles with the old engines I never once thought of changing. Now with twin TAMD61A engines nicely run in from their rebuild boating is back to just about perfect. Now if I could discover oil in my back garden.....


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