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    Default YACHTING24 Insurance

    Does anyone have experience of YACHTING24 insurance, part of the Pantaenius Group? They offer low cost insurance without the need for a survey but do not accept claims due to 'wear and tear'. That seems somewhat open ended and subject to (their?) interpretation. Can anyone vouch for them?

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    I've been with them for a couple of years now.
    Pros - very good value, no survey required, very good response when I asked to make a claim

    Cons - they reduce the value of parts by 50% if they are over 10 years old. I had a damaged forestay and the reduction in part value meant that the value they were willing to pay was less than the cost of my excess - so I paid for all of it. This is clearly stated in their Ts and Cs, but might not suit everyone!

    All in all. I think they're good value and 'do what they say on the tin'. Would therefore be happy to recomment them.

    N.B. No relationship with them, except as a customer for 3 years.

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    I decided to switch from one of the cheap 3rd party only insurers to Yachting 24. My 40 year old this year Vega is also my home so comp cover without a survey underwritten by Pantaenius with their good reputation for £150 odd seemed daft not to...


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