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    Smile anyone live aboard a Colvic Watson

    Hi Folks
    first visit to this forum and was wondering if anyone lives aboard a CW and what size do you think minimum have a 23 and this is not big enough.
    hope to get a bigger liveaboard when i retire.
    pitty the fools

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    I knew a bloke who lived aboard a 22ft Swin Ranger. It did not move out of the marina when I was ther but I reckon it could have done. He did keep everything very neat and tidy. I guess a Swin Ranger has a bit more room than your boat. U Tube video of one follows.
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    Default Plenty of room on a 34'6" CW!

    Feel free to join the CW Owners group where you'll get a range of answers as to size vs. liveaboard suitability.

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    Well there's a school of thought that says buy the biggest boat you can afford, another that says buy the smallest that'll do what you want to do. Smaller and you'll probably have more fun and do more sailing as well though. I live happily on an Albin Vega, many would consider that too small, but if organised and tidy and you can stand up in at least part of the saloon you can be very comfortable is my experience. Others live happily on much smaller, e.g. Nathan who posts on here lives on a 21ft Corribee, see here. My tip - move on board the boat you've already got, you'll then start to save more money more quickly towards something more "suitable". When you can afford something bigger it will seem like total luxury as you got used to living on the small one...


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