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    Default Sailing 5 Card Poker

    This is an Idea I have stolen from a Canadian I sailed with, apparently they do similar where they are I have tried googling rules but all I could find is:

    My idea is (being solent based although the Clyde could well do the same? So could some of the east coast?) a big game of poker...

    The Event should be held over a weekend (preferably bank holiday??).

    Each entry should collect atleast 5 cards,
    One card must come form the main land and one from IOW (to ensure a passage over water is undertaken).
    No 2 cards can come from one harbour town (predefined in sailing directions).
    The Event flag must be displayed on every vessel/ mode of transport.

    Cards can be purchased from (list supplied in entry pack):
    Various Ports, Marina's, Harbour Masters, Bars, Water Taxi's, Sailing Clubs etc. (Who COULD offer discounts to poker players at there own choice, to encourage business).
    Each Card shall cost £5? which will be paid in full to that distributors chosen charity (charity box?).
    Cards cannot be traded between entrants????
    Entrants can buy as many cards they wish. Discards will be allowed but must be returned?

    Entry costs £15? each entrance gets:
    Event Flag,
    Individual identity card (to purchase cards),
    List of Card "vendors" (and any discounts offered).

    At the end of the event all Cards must be returned to:
    A postal address within 5 days of close of competition or handed to a vendor in sealed envilope within 12 hours of end of event. With completed form with statements like fuel used size of boat modes of transport etc.
    Reason another team should be nominated for special prize..

    It is open to MOB, MAW, AWB, Dinghys, Canoes, in fact all forms of vessel?

    The over all winner will be the entrance with best hand...

    Other prizes could be awarded on basis of:
    Most fuel used??
    Least Fuel Used?
    Greatest shortest distance sailed?
    No of cards collected?
    Etc etc at judges (Sponsors?) discretion.

    I think it would make a fun event, a great way to raise money for various charities?

    Organisation could be logistical nightmare and would need cooperation from all sides... Is it possible would people enjoy?

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    Sounds good but complicated as you say.

    I've been working up a Treasure Hunt for a club jaunt based in the Solent and Southampton Water, and also wondered if our Poole cruising contingent might enjoy a few hours sailing around the areas, meeting up at the finish in Osborne Bay at anchor. It could be a precursor to their sailing to the edge of the world as they know it, and smarten up their navigation if needed!
    The idea is to start from any local position in the Solent or Southampton Water at say 1030 hours and sail to each of the clue waypoints, from a card of several clues.
    The waypoints when identified can be sailed to in any order and completing as many as possible by say, 1400 hours, at Osborne Bay at anchor.
    The completed cards being passed to a 'Committee boat' by hand or a cleft stick! Incomplete cards will also be treated as entries for a prize.
    The waypoints will be the various permanent buoyage and structures and do not use any of the seasonal racing marks,to avoid serious racing vessels as far as possible
    Exclusion areas, ferries and shipping are to part of the safe navigation and are the responsibility of the individual skipper.
    Solent charts which include Southampton Water are the references together with clues
    that may/will be worked out by each crew.

    For our club members the Treasure Hunt would be open to dinghies, dayboats and keelboats, and engines may be used at any time.
    A radio channel for communication to the Committee boat is to be decided, and included on the cards.

    Am still sorting the clues so nothing in print yet. Good fun to work out though!

    This too could be a charity event I guess.



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