Hi all!

A 36 year old Turkish friend of mine has just bought a 31' Prout Quest catamaran and wants to sail it back to Turkey from Cartagena in Spain.

He has lots of motorboating experience but not much sailing experience. I have been working with him since 3 weeks to have his boat readied for the voyage - and I have to say that his boat is well equipped!

I am teaching him the rudiments of sailing but he has come round to my idea of having a co-skipper with him on board. The most-probable route weather-permitting would be Cartagena - Balearics - Sardinia - Sicily - Greek Islands - Istanbul (possibly) / Turkey. He is hoping to leave in early / mid May 2012. This is a delivery trip not a cruise though!

The arrangement would be for you to pay for your travel costs to and from the boat and he would be paying for all living and boat expenses. He is quite a good cook!

So if you need more experience and mileage confirmation this might be an opportunity for you.

PM me with more details about yourself if you are interested and I will pass it on.