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    Default Newlyn harbour ... great

    Newlyn seems to get a bad press from time to time but our experience was quite the reverse.
    The tides indicated that Newlyn was used rather than Penzance though we were concerned about some reports about an anti yacht attitude.
    We motored up to the pontoon went into reverse an 'bang clatter' no reverse, missed the pontoon and eventually drifted aground ( rope round prop we thought)
    One of the harbour staff appeared in his launch, pulled us off and got us to the pontoon.
    Pulled some netting off the prop and discovered that the studs at the stuffing box had sheared. The harbour guy came back and tried to raise the local engineers, he came back later after his shift to see if he could help.
    We were then stuck for at least the weekend as the local engineers had all knocked off.
    The harbour master informed us that there would be no charge until our repairs were carried out as they considered us to be 'in distress'.
    We had free cockles supplied from a nieghbouring fishing boat and nothing but good will from the local fishermen and townsfolk.
    Mount bay engineering fixed our problem on the Monday for a very reasonable fee.
    The facillities were basic but clean.
    All in all top marks for Newlyn.... just check in advance that there is room.

    A word about the mechanical problem.... the studs to the stuffing box were brass, the rubber tube holding the stuffing box meant that the annode was not protecting the studs which were discoloured red and clearly ready to break.
    A bolt had either come adrift or snapped at the gear box/prop joint, we could not find the bolt so are not sure what happened, was the stuff around the prop to blame or did that bolt just fail? Rather better to happen 2 yards from the Newlyn pontoon than off Lands end? More lessons learned!!

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    Yes love it and Penzance, always found welcoming and friendly especially Pz - plenty of shops nearby, pleasant walks and pubs with grub all at reasonable prices - but shhh don't tell anyone

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    Again, yes for Newlyn. Have been in there off and on over a decade, due to imminent storm and/or enjin failure of some kind, and have ALWAYS found the harbour staff helpful, knowledgeable and keen to resolve a problem. Same attitude permeates the on-quay engineers.

    Just so long as you don't display self as a 'wazzock'.....

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    No problem with Newlyn. Best Fish n chips and mushy peas in the West at the Fisherman's Mission.

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    agree about all above..... it's a bit of an eye opener wandering round all the fishing boat / death traps though.

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    Yep over the last 10 years I have called at Newlyn on my way from Jersey to Home port Fleetwood, each way as I winter in Jersey, always made welcome very good pontoons and helpful staff.

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    Newlyn is a horrid place.. dont go..

    ( pcatterall keep your gob shut, cos next thing you know
    everyone will be going there, and we dont want that do we )

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    Quote Originally Posted by dab123 View Post
    Newlyn is a horrid place.. dont go..

    ( pcatterall keep your gob shut, cos next thing you know
    everyone will be going there, and we dont want that do we )
    I fully agree with the (above) statement - let's keep this to ourselves, shall we not!?

    Would just like to mention HERE ONLY that your boat's length as per your mooring receipt always seems to shrink when in Newlyn's harbour! (smilie here)
    Catamaran "Burnout"

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    I've never heard of an anti yacht attitude in Newlyn. I thought it was that the funding to build the place required it to be used for fishing boats and as a safe refuge for other boats and hence they aren't allowed to use it as a marina. Never heard of anyone being turned away or treated badly though.
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