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    Quote Originally Posted by landlockedpirate View Post
    If its the one that was at Liverpool marina (Nice boat BTW) it didnt look too bad. On an outdrive boat I would say it was fine, but I dont have any experience of a shaft drive.
    Thank you "Landlocked Pirate" For the lead to Steel Developments. It isn't the one which was at Liverpool. I am sorry I missed that one as it was considerably cheaper. Certainly the "North South" Divide doesn't just mean houses.
    And the reason I have gone for this boat is that it is a shaft drive. The boat I have recently sold was a 1986 shaft drive boat and the shaft was perfect, whereas I went to see a boat on the South coast where the outdrive leg had to come off and they need more maintenance every year.
    Thank you "Mike K" for the people in Oldham as once I have worked out how to get the propeller off, drive up (Sorry Down) to Oldham with it and drop it off, then call at the Trafford Center for some free parking as to park in Kendal costs 3.20 just to go to WH Smiths.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike k View Post
    Have you thought about these local guys in Oldham- i have heard good reports and they have bneen very good for me re advice etc.
    + 1. Very good people to deal with.

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