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    Quote Originally Posted by stephenh View Post
    Aaahhh - the 90s........

    You weren't 'Monty the Mountie' or 'Von Thadden' by any chance ?

    The old forum was a lot of fun, not forgetting 'Trouville' of course.....

    Anyone else 'sadly missed' ?????
    I remember certain characters, with very dogmatic views, arguing for weeks about very little, and getting pretty nasty with each other. The arguments were hilarious. naturally, I was very impartial. For a while, I was signing in as Nutcracker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorn100 View Post
    Fron the very beginning of the site - can't remember when that was now - 94 could be right.

    That's about it. I can date it fairly accurately by the current age of of a child born to another long standing poster couple of years after I first started to read, and, occasionally, post on, the forum.

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    November 2003 from memory, prepare to edit when this is posted.
    I was asking about MB2/50 Engines.....and became a reference knowledge. I still get requests for spares and info.
    'East Coast Pilot' at 4th Edition now available......

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    My memory is going, but I think I remember posting on a compuserve sailing forum back in the early 90s

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    Joined just after I got my current boat in 2000
    Certainly around for this in Yarmouth, we even got a write up in PBO.
    I see in those days you could post as a Guest as Nigel Luther wasn't registered.
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    Nigel Baker	Colvic Countess 33	Lady in Red	Wareham				
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    Graham & Madeline	Roamer 36	M.Y.Foolish Heart	Southampton			2CET

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    03-07-92. My tenth anniversary is approaching fast... Mrs Morris says the answer to how long have I been on YBW is TOO LONG!!
    [B][I]Wishing things away is not effective.[/I][/B]

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    I think I started somewhere between 1996 and 98, but under my real name (We were very niave about the internet back then). Even without photos or links it was an amazing resource for all things boaty, and even better resource for stories about bogs

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    Default 5 Years!

    Blimey, it's nearly 5 years since I started my first thread... I was asking about MacWester Wights then as well!
    At least I've done some sailing since then, and am several steps nearer to getting my own yacht - a Wight!
    I knew it was time to suspend the sailing lesson when the forked lightning hit the Loch surface!!

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