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Merely words on paper.

I note #'s are almost two tonnes lighter with clean bum etc.

Cannot remember if we discussed this before but are you seeing between 3,460/3,480 @ WOT??

On the back of a fag packet @ 20 knots you should be pulling a tad over 300 kW out of your motors. However when I plug in 24 knots using same hull resistance #'s power requirement rises by extra 100 kW just for extra 4 knots. Just the way these Nelson hulls are.

The other issue is your engines were never signed off. For example, no clue as to simple matter like adequate ventilation leading to excessive turbine inlet temperatures which causes performance to go off the edge of the cliff. Ventilation provided for previous motors unless modified will clearly be inadequate. The surveyor does sound like a bit of a nob head regarding engines, however seems to part of their DNA.