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    Default Crew Wanted... Portugal to UK 2012

    Hi, I'm Dave and I'm looking for crew to help me sail my Contest 33 "Island Rambler" back to Falmouth UK from Faro/Portugal. I'm thinking mid to late June 2012 at the moment, but there is a degree of flexibility there. The boat is ashore not more than ten minutes from Faro airport, so its convenient to get to.

    Not looking for vast sailing experience, so if your relatively new to sailing and are keen to gain experience or just build some sea miles this might be a good opening for you. The ability to muck in and enjoy yourself on passage are always winners in my way of thinking...

    I'm very friendly and easy to get along with, and am both a yachtsman and yacht-builder with 30+ years experience in both. So if your interested drop me an email at You can visit the blog I'm building for "Island Rambler" at for a good photo of the boat and some of my trip from Leros in the Greek Islands heading West last year....
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    Angry crew still wanted


    I've just read your proposition to get your boat back to Falmouth.
    I'm a 55- year-old French female and I'm looking for British people to sail with, to build my sea experience and learn more about nautical terms in English.
    Before going further, the best is to know whether you still need someone or not ? Besides, I won't be free before July 8th.
    I've also e-mailed you this message.
    If you're interested, please contact me. I'll tell you more about my modest experience at sea.
    Best regards.

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    I have sent you a PM for more info i.e. dates, times, sail plan (is it non stop or day sailing) cost if any other than food. If you would like to reply to my Pm or post more infor here it would be of help.



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    Default faro

    Hi David,

    (This is a copy of the mail I've sent.)
    Sorry I haven't got your PM. It may be as easy if you send the information by mail.
    A few words to let you know a bit more about myself.
    Basically, I'm one of those who would like to live on a boat and sail all year round but, for different reasons, I can't afford this type of life., not before I retire anyway.
    I'm a teacher and I'm free during mid-terms holiday and the summer months.
    I started sailing 7 years ago, first on the Channel Islands and Brittany. Then, I decided to use different "crew wanted" sites and I must say it has given me tremendous opportunities.
    My first long distance sailing was in the West Indies, when I sailed for a month on a catamaran . We left from le Marin in Martinique down to the Tobagos.
    A couple of years ago, I went to the Outer Hebrides. We left from Stornoway, first sailed around Harris and Lewis, then crossed to visit a number of small islands on the West coast of Scotland.
    Last summer, we sailed from Cherbourg to the Scillies and enjoyed a couple of weeks there, going from one island to the other.
    I enjoy sailing on different types of boats and I've always been lucky to meet people who were willing to share their experience at sea. Thanks to their help, I consider myself as a reliable crew now, even though I still insist on sailing with people much more experienced than I am.

    This year, I'd particularly like to sail with British people to improve my knowledge in nautical and technical terms. I intend to apply for a job in a maritime school in Brest and I'll need to be quite fluent in technical field.s, weather forecast, radio messages and so on.

    I hope all this makes sense. I'll double this mail with a PM on YBW.
    Hope to hear from you soon. If I don't, have a nice trip back from Faro.
    Kind regards,


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