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    Loch Scavaig
    Ken McCulloch
    Rival 38 'Cherry Ripe'

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenMcCulloch View Post
    Loch Scavaig

    I can't believe it's taken 7 pages before Loch Scavaig appeared. Having said that I've seen it when it would be everyone's least favourite anchorage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenMcCulloch View Post
    Loch Scavaig
    Loch Scavaig on its own is the reason why I want to come to the West coast of Scotland, all the rest is a bonus. I have often seen it from the shore, hopefully next year on my own keel.

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    Sauzon Belle Ile SW Brittany.

    I spent 2 weeks cruising before finding the Brittany I was expecting. It was peak season and at 6pm we lined up for the last visitor buoy outside Sauzon's harbour wall. SWMBO was poised on the foredeck armed with the "handy duck" mooring ring snatcher, her body language said female huntress hoping to spear a fish. She pounced, click, yes we got it in one which was unusual for us. Skipper was so elated he abandoned the helm and rushed forward to hug the first mate. Shortly after an early incarnation of Pen Dick arrived and dropped anchor.

    After much-ado the first mate emerged from the heads dolled up as though we were dining aboard the Queen Mary. We found a small family restaurant ashore down an alley, dined alfresco, the chef even rustled up a non dairy chocolate mouse for me.

    The perfect sailing day is a rare thing but it all came together in Sauzon. Looking back at my favourite places, it was not the place but the ambiance aboard.

    Other memorable stops are:

    1. Staying the night alone in Ireland's Lulworth Cove just outside Baltimore harbour. It was a little foreboding to be nearly 10 degrees west in early October facing a singlehanded return trip to the Solent. Also odd to be txt'ing the SWMBO back home under a setting sun when her sun was long set.

    2. A weekend anchor in Newton Creek IOW that turned into a 6 day stay as an October heat wave rolled in. Each day the first mate asked me to conjure up a nautical excuse for her failed return to work, we started with diesel bug but by day 5 I resorted to fragmented water impeller stuck in the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob_Webb View Post
    Sydney. The sailing itself is not great (small busy harbour or big scary exposed Tasman).
    Ah yes, I miss having a proper ocean to play with on my doorstep. 45 minutes from my mooring I could be properly at sea for a few hours and then go and anchor in a National Park with next to no houses, and hundreds of miles of waterways.

    What am I doing here?!

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    Strangford Lough : alone, moored between the islands for several days, hot sunshine, misty mornings, studying for my exams - and watching seals swimming around the boat.
    Bantry Bay
    Baltimore and surrounds.
    Lough Foyle, Donegal

    Corsica and Girolata Bay
    The Lavezzzi Islands
    Porquerolles (a favourite with my kids) and Port Cros
    St Tropez - well you have to just once, n'est-ce pas?

    Brittany :
    The islands : Glénan, Houat; Hoëdic, Sein, Groix, Yeu.
    The Odet river
    Golfe de Morbihan;
    Pointe de Trévignon
    Cap du Chèvre

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    Another vote for the Isles of Scilly

    The there's the Sporades

    Finally, though I've stayed there many times, I have never yet sailed into Salcombe. I intend to, before I'm through.

    Itis apis spotanda bigon etoo

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    Yarmouth, mind you I haven't made it out of the Solent yet.

    Oh and I quite like Gosport. 1st place I lived after leaving home in Stoke and it seemed so friendly and posh compared to Stoke!
    Looking for Cheverton boats to feature on

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    The one anchorage that I truly want to visit is:

    38° 43.199'S 077° 31.672'E

    I read a sailing blog some four years ago about a cruiser who visited there with his girlfriend and the place sounded remote and totally magical.

    You are strongly protected from any prevailing winds.

    One day . . . . one day?
    regards David - DSW Marine Engineering

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    Quote Originally Posted by lenseman View Post
    The one anchorage that I truly want to visit is:

    38° 43.199'S 077° 31.672'E sounds/looks inhospitable.

    About as 'off the beaten track' as you can get.
    Boats are like hookers - the older ones will look after you best

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