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    Quote Originally Posted by Guapa View Post sounds/looks inhospitable.

    About as 'off the beaten track' as you can get.
    That's why it is so cool. I wasn't going to mention the place by name as I want to travel with my metal detector and shovel to recover some of the gold, silver, treasure and doubloons which are buried on the island.
    regards David - DSW Marine Engineering

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    Smile Rias Baixas

    Rias Baixas in Galicia from May to October. Good weather, good food and good wine...........

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    I enjoyed sailing the Baltic coast of Denmark with the Army - Aarhus, Aeroskobing, Svendborg, Marstal, Anholt are some of the names I remember. Sadly I've forgotten an awful lot about those trips, and it was only just over ten years ago.

    I'd like to go back, but to sail there and back would take a problematically long time given the leave arrangements at work, and flying then chartering doesn't have quite the right spirit of old-school adventure.

    Although I did find an outfit chartering original old Folkboats around the Stockholm archipelago, which is a tempting idea...


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    St Kilda, Got a real good welcome joined the Puffin club when i left, took a Sergent back to the Harris along with all the mail as i was the first boat out there and he was waiting for a boat to take him on leave.

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    Setting point anchorage Anegada, BVI. Turquoise waters, white sand beaches and flamingoes on the inland ponds! Sunsets to die for and no one complains about your BBQ!

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