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    Quote Originally Posted by Guapa View Post
    And if OP had waited till the deadline had passed, his cruise would have been scuppered.
    No doubt leading to comments (from some) along the lines of 'why didn't you act or speak out sooner?'

    If the thread on here prodded Crusader along to get a result for OP - good for him. And I think that is what he wanted to achieve with this thread.
    But now with the negative headline on Google?

    That's not on and could be damaging unfairly.

    The op says he ordered "on the condition that it was delivered in time for a planned trip on 2nd May." Then seems to have moved the goalposts to the 27th of April.

    Then fallen out with them because that didn't happen.

    In my opinion, if he changed the date and there were difficulties he is right to be annoyed, but it should have stayed private. At least until after the event-and the use of a totally negative headline should have perhaps been avoided.

    I am not saying the OP is not right, but I think his method has too far reaching an effect. I.E. it (unintentionally) goes beyond his own particular problem.

    Will they deliver on time? would have been a better headline, combined with an email to the company to point it out he had posted it.
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