1. New edition of Chart 1543 - Winterton Ness to Orford Ness published on 10th May - will include survey details to the off-lying banks.
2. There is an Admiralty block for the area Winterton Ness to Newarp Banks published as an amendment to chart 106. Might be useful for some.
3. Eastern harbour light on the outer mole at Ostend has been deleted. Seems a bit strange.
4. The Westschelde - Everingen channel - slight buoy moves - pretty usual event.
5. We now have a red can marking the wreck of the Crebe which lies jsut to the north of the Nass Beacon. Word has it that Trinity House will/are making arrangements to lift it but in the meantime the wreck buoy has gone to be replaced by the red can. CTTE's chart is amended accordingly and includes the new light Green No 1 - the new light being one of those improvements promised through the introduction of mooring fees.
6. New starboard hand buoy (lit) laid permaanetly by Medway Ports in the West Swale, Horse Reach.


1. Usual London Array update.
2. Southend Pier Vistors' Centre will be arriving from Tilbury Docks on or about the 8th May and there is all sorts of heavy stuff at the Pier on the 9th to get it into position. You are asked to reduce your wash chaps to minimise 'squat'!
3. Swale - South Marshes Outfall - Marks and lights reinstated.
4. Upper Medway - some new noticeboards warning about cables between Aylesford Road Bridge and Lower Cut Beacon.

That's it.