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Thread: Nervous

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    Default Nervous

    This weekend should be the first sail for me on 'The Sorcerer' and I feel unusually nervous. It's rare for me to feel like this but perhaps it's the not knowing just quite how the boat will perform. A few jobs left to do - check glow plugs, load up with food, re-wire batteries cure the rain water leak and land the seagull engine (anybody want one?). I'm still not sure if I have the right ropes in the right place or just how the boom should be rigged. Marinemegastore have failed to deliver a new transducer for the log and contacting them seems to be impossible. Oh well, I guess I just have to go for it. Salcombe and back looks like a reasonable shakedown. Anybody else feel the same?


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    Every year. You're normal - its just early season nerves.

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    Sort of, new, boat new area, and been off the water for a couple of years. Soon get back into the swing of things......

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    Not nervous as such but certainly disorientated.

    Can't remember where things are/go.

    Lose balance easily if just a rib goes by.

    Forget some stupid things like setting off without all the bits I seem to need to sustain me in the cockpit.

    Usually by October I've just about got the hang of it all.

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    Plenty of fenders and a sense of humour should see you alright.
    "Our business in life is not to succeed but to continue to fail in good spirits." RLS

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    Glad I am not the only one,if it can go wrong I have already thought it will......

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    given the cirumstances leading to the new boat, are you surprised ? It's a new partnership, and such things take time to re-establish what must have been such familiar routines on your previous boat.

    I am sure all will settle down in the near future.
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    I was slightly apprehensive when we took our comprehensively re-fitted and re-worked boat that we'd never sailed before out for the first time.

    Would the refitted keel stay on? Would the way we'd re-rigged her from in mast furling to slab reefing work? Would the newly fitted engine give trouble? Would the new sails set nicely? Would any one of a thousand other things we'd restored, replaced, added, modified or perhaps completely overlooked play up?

    As it turned out we had ten days of fantastic sailing in F4s to F7s and the only issue was a dripping stern gland when motoring.

    You'll be fine. Enjoy it!

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    Perhaps the nerves only go to show what a good and sensible sailor your are?

    And as Tim said, under the circumstances in which you lost the last boat, anyone would be nervous. The Sorcerer is a pedigree boat which was built well and I can't believe that any of the work that you have done to her will have been slipshod or poor.

    A little apprehension is a good thing - I can't believe that you are that nervous to the point of being worried. A little excitement thrown in at the thought of trying out the new boat...

    If its any consolation I too am apprehensive. I have got an almost unknown crew, and a passage from Plymouth to Faslane starting on Monday and with the weather patterns that we have been experiencing, and with some of the sailing pretty exposed, I am thinking very hard about all the options. I am sure that once we are under way and settled down it will be good, but I too am apprehensive!

    PS We might be down on the boat on Sunday afternoon. If you are back from Salcombe and are able to come and say hello. (And I would like to admire The Sorcerer!)
    [B][I]Wishing things away is not effective.[/I][/B]

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    Quote Originally Posted by john_morris_uk View Post
    under the circumstances in which you lost the last boat, anyone would be nervous.
    That sounds interesting.Can't help being curious?

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