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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex-SolentBoy View Post
    Where did the extra 's' go ?
    Anagram of my real name - Tween Skirts
    At least he didn't lose the 'w' as well!
    [B][I]Wishing things away is not effective.[/I][/B]

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    Quote Originally Posted by dylanwinter View Post
    I cannot see why anyone would not use their own name
    Why would anyone not just use a few letters and numbers?

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    A spaced out rabbit.

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    A question I've often thought about.
    I'm a cameraman, its similar to an email address and I couldn't think of anything else at the time.

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    I had a wooden boat at the time, called Tommy.

    ...and I usually talk complete rubbish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex-SolentBoy View Post
    Where did the extra 's' go ?
    Twister S Ken sounds pretentious.
    Next time, it'll all be different.

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    Gorf comes from the fact that I had a boss with big bulgy eyes, but rather than call him frog we called him gorf. Then many years later I did an Open University degree with an Object-oriented programming module where we manipliated lots of frogs. There is a whole subculture in the OU from M206 students and frogs (although we write it as phrog).

    I now use Gorf on a number of internet forums.
    Cynical Scots engineer who sails a Mirage 28

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    Quote Originally Posted by prv View Post
    Because I never intended to use the forum regularly

    I had one question I wanted to ask, then I planned to go away again. So I created an account with a quiet little name (hence lowercase) that wasn't the same as any other name I use. Not that it's especially secret either, it's my initials.

    Didn't quite work out like that
    Same for me. I always thought you were a perv and proud about it. Glad to hear you're not. Or at least that it is not the reason for your username, even if you are. A perv, that is.

    My user name could variously be

    Baseball Ground, the former home of Derby County F.C.
    Belize Botanic Gardens
    License plate code for Bernburg (district), Germany
    Branson Airport, Branson, Missouri, with the FAA location identifier BBG
    Billabong (clothing), Australian Stock Exchange symbol
    B'nai B'rith Girls, the women's order of B'nai B'rith Youth Organization
    Board of Broadcast Governors, forerunner to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
    Bradford & Bingley, a bank in the UK
    Brilliant Blue G, a type of Coomassie dye
    British business group, an association or club of expatriate British business people
    Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent agency of the United States government responsible for all non-military, international broadcasting sponsored by the U.S government
    Brooklyn Botanic Garden, in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City
    Browser based game
    BBG, the United States Navy hull classification symbol for a Guided Missile Battleship
    Apartment for rent in Klosters, Switzerland

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    I used the name of one of my Speedway bikes-a Jackson Rotrax.

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    I had my name before I had a boat. My surname is Snook, peeps call me many names, but Snooks is the one the nice people call me.

    Besides there is something a little odd about a man with a tash introducing himself as Talulah when you meet for the first time!
    Boaty Photographer
    YM's Tech Ed and new boat tester

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