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    Default Halyard Diverter

    My boat has a furling genoa system installed and I have been having some issues this season with the halyard wrapping around the forestay. The halyard wraps a couple of turns and then unwraps and wraps again. As I understand this is not an uncommon problem and I have read various articles/post giving advice on how to prevent it from happening.

    I have a halyard diverter installed at the top of the system which if I understand correctly should help with the angle of pull on the halyard and prevent it from wrapping. My question is should this diverter move with the system or remain static? It seems that mine is mobile, this wrapping problem is something I have only recently noticed.

    Thanks in advance

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    There are two types that I know of. One is a fair lead riveted to the mast, obviously fixed. This is OK if you have plenty of space above the head of the sail but you do run the risk that the angle increases so much at the top of the hoist that it cannot get the luff tight.

    The other sort is a disc that sits above the top swivel. This can rotate but is fixed on the stay. The problem with this type is that the knot in the halyard can butt against it, also preventing a full hoist. From your description yours may be one of these that has come loose and is sliding on the stay?
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    Default Photo?

    Can you get a photo? Does take some doing as u need a zoom and finding somewhere you can take it from...
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    If you have room the Selden fixed fitting is good, it can be riveted or machine screwed. See following link
    Halyard Diverter Fairlead

    Stainless Steel Halyard Diverter Fairlead available in two sizes:

    It is recommended to fit a halyard diverter fairlead to the mast to alter the angle of the halyard to the forestay should this be less than 10 degrees. If not fitted, the halyard may wrap around the forestay when the foresail is reefed.

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    Default Check your halyard tension

    Check you jib halyard tension when furling / unfurling.

    You may have a loose jib halyard when furling the sail. It needs to have some tension when furling or unfurling, otherwise, it will happen as you described. I have it happened on my boat every time when I forgotten to re-tighten the jib halyard after released it in light wind.

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    It is also very important that the swivel pulls right up to the top of the furler. This is a problem I had last year with eventual disastrous results! If your sail is too short then you need to add a spacer (wire or non-stretch rope). You can measure the length you need by pulling the jib right up to the top when disconnected from the bottom end of the furler and then see how big the gap is. If you have a big gap to the sail then even with a diverter the angle between halyard and forestay is too small.
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    Thanks for the advice I'll give those a go, but I don't believe I have done anything different since last season but you never know .

    I may just fix a retainer to the mast at this will sort the problem once and for all.

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    I had the same problem last season and had the fairlead diverter type riveted to the top of the mast. This helped, but did not solve it.

    I tried playing with the halyard tension, and again it helped, but I still got stuck when the wind was particularly strong and I really needed to furl urgently!

    Eventually I solved it by dropping the furler and cleaning out the top rotating mechanism with loads of silicone spray until it ran clean. It had got stiff and "notchy" so I guess when starting to furl the bottom drum, it would not move, then suddenly turn and take the halyard with it.

    Anyway, worked for me!
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