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    Default To Caulk or Not To Caulk ?

    hi all, my 32 ft MVF is now in a local boat yard waiting works to start. I intend to changes sea cocks, anodes, scrap and anti foul etc but theres some re caulking required.

    I had thought about DIY but some older locals say that its best to get an experienced caulker as many try and fail....... often causing real serious damage with planks coming adrift.

    Wondering what others think.

    Regards Alan

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    Well she looks lovely, I have caulked an old boat and on the first attempt hammered the caulking all the way inside the boat= very bad. Subsequent attempts where successful. So depends upon your skill level and the ability to feel when it has hardend up. I can not imagine it will be a once only opperation so at least worth getting someone to show you how? Tools wise a set of caulking irons are not cheap but I ground down and shaped the end of a 2" bolster. Must say I would not take on recaulking a whole hull whilst trying to hold down a day job, but sorting out a short length that always stays damp should be within the capability of a practical wooden boat owner. Good luck and seek advice on the classic forum? Where ever it has gone...

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    the value of Youtube !

    Go for it and become an expert yourself.
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