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    Default racor water seperator

    Hi guys

    do these filters look clean enough & how do you dtain & refill them ??

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    They Do, but it will be worth opening the tap on the bottom of the bowl and draining a bit out, this will remove any sediment and water that could be there. Just unscrew the nut until it starts to run, then tighten it back up. I would change the filter as a matter of habit, very easy to do, just undo the T-Bar on the top, lift the lid remove the filter, replace same along with the large and small 'O' ring, reassemble and Fanny's your Aunty! Much better to do this at your berth when in control rather then on passage in a rough sea. You will probably not even have to bleed the fuel system either.
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    What you are looking at is just the water separator part. The filter element is in the top section under the cap held down by the T bar as pissativlypossed said.

    If you can see light globules in the viewing bowl its water and if there are black globs it's the dreaded diesel bug. A uniform amber colour is diesel but the bowls do get stained over time so a bowl COMPLETELY full of water would be indistinguishable from fuel. Open the knurled plastic nut at the bottom of the bowl to drain off a little to check that it's diesel. Place a container under the bowl to catch the runoff!

    One on the left looks ok except for a few little black bits, right one looks suspect and the middle one looks dodgy!
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