Afternoon all!

Well as the sun seems to be taking its sweet time making a showing so far this year my boat is starting to look a little on the tired side, I keep her in a dry stack next to a main road in Cardiff which is also surrounded by trees! what the hell were they thinking when they considered the location.

Anyway, I want to bring my boat home for a few weeks to do some hardcore cleaning top to bottom but do not see myself wanting to trailer the boat on a regular basis, I can't seem to find anything suitable when I google the subject so I am wondering if there are any people out there who would be interested in lending me (at an agreed cost of course) their trailer for a week or so. Happy to collect from a distance and return.

My boat is a Regal 2150LSC Length 6.4m Beam 2.4m Weight 1,400kgs

I hope someone out there can help or point in the direction of someone able to help.

Many Thanks