Having enjoyed a leisurely start to the day re-reading this months MBM, I thought it might be fun to celebrate MBM's 25 year anniversary on the forum by sharing what we were doing on the water in 1987.
I had my first boat, a Fletcher 140 GTO with a, seriously cool Suzuki 65 on the back. Why was it so great? Oil injection meant no more mixing up fuel and oil, so no more mental maths while holding a litre bottle of Quicksilver. "Strongbow" also had a brilliant water pressure speedo that I took great pleasure in winding around to about forty mph, before seeing how much it would drop when launched off the nearest, and biggest wake.
Being a sixteen year old (I am in the middle of the photo below) I now had independence and a great pulling machine! The boat never let me down (in every sense) apart from the time we had fuel starvation issues out at Old Harry Rock (one of my friends had pushed the fuel can back into its compartment and up against the fuel pipe.) That time the Bournemouth Belle generously gave us a tow back into the harbour and gave "the grockles" something to photo!

Being a responsible father, my Dad (he of the reactolite lens glasses) ensured that I had some training and we both did our day Skipper course earlier in the season. It was then that I fell in love with our training boat, a Fairline 36 Turbo having raced down the Solent one flat calm, moonlite night. Many of you will know that I came very near to fulfilling my childhood dream earlier this year when seeking out and nearly buying a 36. Oh yes, to keep the Raggies happy, I was also belting around in a lovely old Topper and had a new fangled thing called a Windsurfer which saw many hours in Evening Hill bay. All in all I was very lucky and had the best possible childhood on the water.
I also attach a picture of my Dad's Seamaster 813 on her berth. Anyone guess the marina?
So how about you? How were you messing about in 1987? What was cool on your boat?