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  • Broom

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  • Glastron

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    Cool Is a 1977 VW Camper suitable for launching a speedboat??

    We have a lovely camper that we go down to coast in a lot so I'm looking for a retro 70s speedboat to take as well it's a strong 2.0l version but rear engine rear wheel drive just wondered if that would be a disadvantage launching a boat ? Looking for a 15ft speedboat ..?
    This would be my first boat also had idea I could put some camping stuff in to give us more room in the van ? Is that advisable or would it make it unstable to tow ??

    Any advice for this newbie greatly appreciated


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    You need to check out the recommended towing weight for your van. In any case, given its age, you do not want to overload it.

    When recovering the boat on a slipway, your rear wheel drive should be much better than the front wheel drive of most modern cars. Also, the rear engine can help as it gives you more weight over the driving wheels.

    You refer to the retro 70s style. Lots of us towed boats using 70s technology so it should still be possible if you take is easy.
    Dave Seager
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    Use a winch

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    It would be a good idea to fit a tow bar on the front, just in case you you "drown " the engine. Also makes it a lot easier to manouvre.

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    you left Tremlett off your poll list

    an example
    1973 Tremlett 15 + 1976 Merc 500 ( sorry NOT FOR SALE )

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    I used to tow and launch sailing dingys and jet skis with my 1968 1600cc VW Camper. 15ft speed would weight approx 750 KGS? Thats not too far off the weight of a big Seadoo sofa

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    Thanks for feedback guys much appreciated ! And interesting poll results I like the classic look of the broom is that as stable in coastal shores as the more modern shape boats I love the old glastrons too and have seen an interesting Plancraft stingray . Fletchers seem really common probably because there a good popular boat , but would be nice to have something a ill different !

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    If you need more power for your VW I used to mess about tuning cars and I fitted a "Fish" Carburettor to one and I could get in third what I could previously get in top. An old 15ft Bayliner (like wot I have just sold) weighed just under 750 kilos.

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    Thanks Jim i have never heard of a fish carb . but just had an engine rebuild last year and loads stronger than my old 1600 splitscreen!
    I found towing weight data 600kg unbraked 1100 braked ?
    is this a guidline obviously van capable of towing the suggested 750kg but ever boat i have looked at had unbraked trailers at that size, is it much of a risk towing the 750kg without trailer brakes ?


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    my last reply just appeared 5 days later ? V odd
    anyway advice on unbraked trailer welcome please???

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