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    Default registering and using navionics charts

    I am new to using any electronic charts, how do you register the navionics charts and update them using the pc and navionics website.

    on the cf case it says,

    ' you will lose the chart data if you insert the navionics chart into a pc or multi card reader, attempt to back it up or add files to it'

    then it says in the leaflet which comes with the cardboard container, says

    'insert your navionic chart into a card reader and connect to'

    I am now totally confused, it is giving conflicting advice.

    I have seen the navionics card readers, on chandlery websites, do i have to buy one of them to register the card, and not use any pc card reader or pc multi card reader to update or register the card.

    And do i have to register the card first before i can use it into my chart plotter
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    I think you have to buy the official navonics card reader.

    Then you download a program from navonics that checks and updates your card free for a year.

    My tip is, if your card is new then wait a while before first registering, that way it will be longer before you need to start paying for updates.


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