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    Hi and welcome, As for myself I am Looking forward to next year in (10 Days time),But will continue boating up to then, As for any cold weather, I will turn the thermostat up or down. Happy Christmas Trevor.

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    Hello Talon, welcome to the merry band of boaters. Are you new to boating or just new to this forum?

    Welcome aboard and season's greetings.

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    Nah. Boat in water all year. Dont go out that much but visit every weekend. Seem to always have a job to do.


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    This is a lively forum, most of the forums I subscribe to you only get one or two replies per week!

    Thanks for the very warm welcome all!

    Been boating for a year now, new to the forum, my father has had several boats over the last 10 years which I have been part of, but this is the first I have owned.

    Did my Day Skipper course recently with my wife! We both passed the practical and theory, which I am really chuffed about. I mainly did it as I did not have a clue what I was doing and felt a little nervous out there in the big blue, plus I seemed to p1ss off a few sailors and did not understand why, I have now realised what I was doing wrong and make room for them.

    I am moored in Ocean Village and currently on the hard in Hythe, good old MDL (

    I must confess I am glad I did winterise her this year, the annodes on my legs just behind the duo props were eaten to death, so much so that the rear prop is starting to show signs of electrolitic action! I can repair that though as it is not too far gone.

    Do we all have pics of our boats any where?

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    Hi talon,
    Welcome to the forum, I see you are out on the hard at Hythe, we are also out on the hard a few rows down from you, P35 right up the corner by the trailer park "soma haze". will pop over and say hello if we see you when we are down.
    How do you find Ocean Village ?, and are you pleased with the boat?
    cheers, Steve

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    Cool, would love to meet up and chat. I will probably be working on her on Saturday, changing my halon extinguishers for the FE200 jobbies. Boy are they expensive!!

    Ocean Village is very nice, the building work they are doing there is starting to annoy me a bit, our boats gets filthy!! I think that is why the Challenger yachts left. Also the noise of drills and workmen that can only communicate by speaking at 110db drives you nuts when you want to relax with a glass of wine... (

    The Sealine is a very good boat, last season we have had a load of engine problems due to neglect, but I am working on that with my father, we are both pretty good with engines. It is a case of every single bolt you need to undo is jammed solid with 14 years of rott! There are a few bolts that we have accepted are going to stay where they are and never be removed.

    What do you have, I tried to click on your details, but they just don't load?? Does anyone else find that they have slow loading problems here and there in this forum? Maybe it is just my machines, I am on a 600kb connection.......

    Steve, if you are about Saturday, please pop over and say hello. I am Alex and my Dad is Keith.

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    Default Slow running

    I found the forum impossible to use about 15 minutes ago, so suspect the problem is the other end.

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