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    Default Don\'t know my aft from my elbow

    I'm getting a bit confused as to what to call various bits of my boat. I have "my" definition but is this correct ??

    What is the "hull" and is only the bit in the water ??
    What are the "topsides" and where do they start and stop ??
    What is the join between the top and bottom (where the rubbing strip is) called ??
    What is the superstructure ??

    Obviously there are different interprations of all of these terms.

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    Default Re: Don\'t know my aft from my elbow

    tons of glossaries of nautical terms if you do a search on google

    but simply, superstructure is above the deckline. Hull is basic structure that goes in the water, strip off superstucture, deck, etc and what they moulded or built to go in water is it. Topsides is waterline to deck.

    Dunno about join, it's just the hull/deck join to my mind, not sure what official terminology there is around it.

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    Default Re: Don\'t know my aft from my elbow

    Whoops, sorry I've asked this question on the "hull and topsides " posting. Hadn't read this one.

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