Does anyone have any information on how to adjust the Throttle cables on a Flybridge Boat with two helm stations - e.g. Fairline Turbo 36 or Corniche.

My Flybridge Port engine control needs about 20 degrees more motion than the stbd for similar power above idle. Both controls select ahead or astern at the same point, so it seems to be just the thottle cable that needs adjusting.

I have the original owners manual, but it simply says refer to Volvo Penta for the Throttle's adjustment.

The cables from the flybridge and lower helm join a complex lever mechanism behind the saloon bulkhead on the stbd side. Are the cables adjusted here or at each throttle set ?

The situation is made worse because using a laser tacho I have found the port fly tacho is also lazy and I have to set the port engine 150 revs higher on this tacho than the stbd.

The lazy tacho and sloppy throttle tend to mean my stbd engine does all the work unless I am paying close attention, but I have only calibrated the tacho error at cruising speed. I am separately investigating if I can adjust the needle on the tacho.