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    Default Re: My boat mags are being victimised....

    No Dom - got it wrong! That's what started the rot [img]/forums/images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Boaty mags used as camoflage!

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    Default Re: My boat mags are being victimised....

    Do you keep other Gentlemens entertainment in there too?

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    Default Nicholas - You Are Unbelievable!

    What Nonsense!!!

    All I asked is for you to move the five that were piled on the 'Foot Stool' up stairs with your others under the bed where I can't see them. As for the ones under the bed I did not ask that they be removed only the big box containing the boat manuals/electronics info that I keep stubbing my toe on when making the bed every day.

    If you want to talk magazine evictions - what about the half a loft full of car magazines dating back to the 60's you have had since you were a child. You said you were no longer interested in cars now you have a boat!!

    Its got to be one or the other - the decision is yours.


    Sorry forgot to log in as myself as computer is auto log in for Nick
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    Default Re: Nicholas - You Are Unbelievable!


    You are being COMPLETELY unreasonable - just ask my wife.

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