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    Default Tesco Pulls Out of Porthcawl Regeneration.

    I have just read in the local rag that it has been confirmed that Tesco will not be building a new store in Porthcawl. Apparently, it seems that some funding from Tesco would help with the regeneration of the proposed new marina. The new pontoons would be able to accommodate 70 boats, inc. fishing commercial, leisure and visitors. Also, a new lock gate was planned, an extended breakwater wall and a permanent body of water inside the harbour basin. Well, I suppose nobody will be surprised, it has been on the go for many years.

    What is more surprising is that a local councillor expects the sceme to go ahead! In fact work is to begin shortly and the whole new marina finished by the spring of 2013!!

    I sincerely hope this goes ahead and Bridgend County Borough Council keeps to their word. An upgraded harbour is needed in the Bristol Channel and would bring more trade to Porthcawl, although the waterfront will need to be improved.
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    I have been following this proposed development for a few years and really hope it happens.
    We are based in Bristol and Portcawl would provide a great 2nd choice after Cardiff, also it would sit 1/2 way to Swansea.
    Crack on I say!
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