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    Default what is a classic

    As the unashamed owner of a plastic modern stinkpot I confess an admiration of 'classics' . I have neither the skills, fortitude or patience to maintain one myself. This does not however stop me regularly looking at and wondering when a boat can be considered a 'classic'
    I mean, is a Freeman 20 from the 60s a classic, is a Broom Contintal or Ocean 37 one. I would love to hear other people's views on the subject.


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    Default Re: what is a classic

    Have a look at the Classic Boat website (via the link below). In the 'About Us' section editor Dan Houston goes someway toward describing a classic.
    What do you think?

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    Default Re: what is a classic

    This is the oldest and most tedious discussion to enter, unless on a cold and windy sunday afternoon when you really look for an excuse not to take those friends around the cans.
    The point Classic Boat got right is that a classic is not necessarily made of wood. We in the low countries have been building of iron and steel for centuries, with more than good results.
    In the same line, we can also restart the argument about restorations and replicas, we shall however probably never close any of those discussions.


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