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    Default Departing (or passing) Yarmouth on Friday morning?

    Good morning all

    I know Sailfree is knocking together a spreadsheet, but I gather he's been pretty busy recently and hasn't had a chance to do this yet.

    Seeing as this will be our first foray out of very coastal waters, I'd like to prepare a little bit! If at all possible, we would be a lot more comfortable if we were able to do the crossing in company. We're a 35 footer and generally cruise at around 5 to 6 knots (bit more with a stiff breeze). We'll be stopping at Yarmouth on Thursday night with the intention of setting off early on Friday to catch the tide out through the Needles and hopefully arrive at Cherbourg at a decent time.
    Does anyone else's schedule fit in with this and would like to "team" up?

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    That matches my plans (though I intend to anchor inside Hurst rather than go into Yarmouth). So we may well see each other as we set off, but at 24 foot long I won't be able to make anything like 6 knots under power.



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