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    Default Sailing as a Hobby? or Just for FUN?

    The sport and hobby of Sailing is certainly an activity many people will take part in. No matter where in the world you may live, as long as there is a body or water nearby - the sea or a grand lake - you can venture out on the blue waters and enjoy sailing.

    For you, Share us your opinions on sailing. Are you sailing just for a Hobby or just for fun?

    How can you differentiate this two? ;-)

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    Well hobbies are for fum right...water is so inviting that each time i look at it i just crave for measuring its depth from the deepest corners..i wish i could live under waters and enjoy my sanity out there into the blue.

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    Well sailing is a bit different mate,
    You actually live over the water and feel the waves thrashing up your face which is far more exciting than living under waters.

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    Sailing is more of a hobby for me,
    It gives me the feeling of control over the ocean and doing it all by my own.
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    sailing to me is a (hobby) but really its a obsession as it is always on my mind to be on the water either in my yacht or even in the dinghy for a bit checking mine and other peoples boats ,I cant explain why but all I know is I cannot do without my boat and long for the better weather to be off again most night`s for a couple of hour`s and weekend`s when work doesn't force to be away from the bost


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