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    Anyone out there know anything about this design? I'm trying to find out as much as I can before committing to an O/S plane trip to inspect one that's for sale.

    I've ordered the two back issue magazine articles on the Dockrell 37 that are available from this site, but I'm way too impatient when it comes to the prospect of a new boat to await their delivery (to Oz) and I know there are present and past owners out there that can pass on their invaluable advice.

    So what's the feeling out there? A good boat for long distance cruising? What are their good/bad points?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've not owned one, but delivered one from East coast UK to Devon & back a few years ago.
    From memory they are a Sparkman & Stephens design. I got the impression that they were a S & S 34 with the stern drawn out to make them 37, so the internal space was not as great as other 37 footers offered.
    Centreboard design so very convenient for shoal waters, but I found the clonking of the c/b a bit disconcerting at sea.
    Ours was cutter rigged, so beating was quite hard work, but a bit of ingenuity with self tacking staysail would have sorted that.
    One thing I disliked was poor control in going astern, possibly because the rudder was a long way from the prop.
    Generally a strong, well built boat, heavy by modern standards and they are not well known, so seem like good value.

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    Default Re: Dockrell 37

    Can't offer much I'm afraid, but I believe that the Dockrell 37 was actually a Deb 33 with the stern drawn out.

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    Default Re: Dockrell 37

    Dockrell 17, 22, 27 &amp; 37 Owners

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    Default Re: Dockrell 37

    I'm looking for info on Dockrell 37 but can't find much. Is the company no longer in business? Any input is appreciated. Thank you.



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