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    This may sound a little naive but we are going to look at a hillyard 9 tonner for sale and i wondered if anyone had any ideas about what to look for in particular. It will be our first wooden boat and obviously we will have a survey but i wondered if anyone owned one of these and could possibly give a bit of advice.

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    I am sure there's a Hillyard (hilliard?) owners club somewhere, they used to have an annual meet on the Solent.
    Try contacting the RYA they may know where they are. Sorry I am not more helpful but I am only a mere plastic stinkpot owner.


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    My experience with a Hillyard 8 ton acquired this Summer might help. I had to fork out a fortune for the survey, so I may as well on-pass some of the wisdom. The main problem was the bilge-plates which were badly corroded and bent due to some careless sling placement. These had to be ground off from the flange with new plates welded on. I don't know if the 9 ton has them.
    The usual prodding of the hull with didn't throw up any significant rot in the mahogany carvel planting, but the rubbing strake will need to be replaced. Not a big job. Take a close look at the chainplates which are buried inside the hull. They are galvanised mild steel. On mine the through-bolts have rusted and will need replaced. I will replace/regalvanise the chainplates at the same time.
    Check out the decking for any delamination of the ply. Ironically it is easier to spot from the underside as any weeping will show up first on the accommodation ceiling.
    Rigging was originally galvanised steel. Serious damage should show up externally as rust and if there is any get expert advice.
    Last piece of advice - don't be scared off!

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    Cheers, thanks for that. We have seen the one we want/can afford and are in the process of making offers. Had a look at the boat and it looks sound to me. 1958 built with a 1983 watermota. hull is sound but some of the fittings such as the pulpit/rail needs repalcing. the strangest thing to my eyes is the position of the wheel. its behind you! attached to a pinta autopilot with various chains-seems very strange to me. everyone i have spoken to has said keep clear of wooden boats but we are determined and will not be frightened off.


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