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    Default Re: MDL Mercury Meet. Hamble. May8/9

    One more for attendee list.

    Paul F.

    Time 'n Again Length 9.14metres.

    One person.

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    Default Re: MDL Mercury Meet. Hamble. May8/9

    Kim - Am really sorry for the lateness of my reply which is totally due to exceptional pressure of work right now. I do still wish to attend next weekend, but my party is reduced from 4 to 2 due to my guests 'crying off'. My cheque for the two of us has been dispatched this morning, so you wont receive until tomorrow - really sorry for this being a day late of the deadline. I do hope it is still OK for me to attend and would appreciate your confirmation. Thanks. Barry.

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    There's no problems..just opportunities

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    sailbad x 2
    no dietary requirements

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