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Thread: Minimum Tech

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    sounds like alot of bloody faff for some cheap plonk.

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    - Goal: Minimum logged miles v rhumb line distance

    I have to disagree with your "goal". The goal is to complete the passsage! Along the way you will either
    a) have had to switch on your electronic gizmos and computers for safety (and now realise beyond doubt how dependent upon them you have become)
    b) not have needed them (which gives you a perfect defence against the next slick electronics salesman trying to sell you "essential" kit)

    I'll add one proviso. Each yacht shall carry a traditional (non-digital) radio tuned deliberately between stations so that it produces nothing but endless interference and static. Each skippers shall proudly refer to this as "The RDF"!

    This sounds like fun. Is BIGNICK doing entertainments? Is Twister Ken doing awards? Whose yacht shall we try to capsize?

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    If you are going to run this on traditional values they it should be judged by traditional values so
    1 Leave port
    2 IF you make a landfall say hallo to the nearest local - if they reply in french you win!
    3 If you ever bump into any of the other boats in the 'competition' again just lie about how you did because unless they cheated (by using hight tech comm's) how they going to know any different!
    And of course don't forget the most traditional practice of all which is to drink yourself sensless and wake up in a house of ill repute or co-oped into the navy

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