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    It'll be fine. If it's **** we'll all just have more to talk about - blaming you - and deciding where to eat on the Sunday night [img]/forums/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    how's the rudder situation looking????

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    Used to that .. just gearing up to my scottish trip by getting used to **** food .. latest delicacy is deep fried battered chocolate spread sandwiches .. yum yum. Rudder is knackered .. inspected today and Beneteau agreed that it is in fact .. erm .. knackered .. they will replace with a new rudder and are keen to have the existing one for forensic examination .. I also am keen to learn whats gone wrong as had it failed completely at the wrong time I may have had lost rather more than a couple of weeks sailing!! Will know better by the end of the week the timings.

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    Bit chilly this morning ...

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