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    ked into poverty by children

    Default Re: Re Dear Gordon B.

    How about something along the lines of

    "it is surrendering fiscal control to Europe"

    That might register with Gordon!

    I still think there needs to be more emphasis on the fact that the very weathly boater won't really care, but the vast majority of ordinary Joes trying to balance mortgage, running costs of kids and hoping there's a bit left over for diesel are going to be totally shafted. Its the concept that boaters are rich so and sos with piles of cash that needs shifting, at that stage the "we can't afford it" part of the argument becomes far stronger.

    Is there a legal mind around here that could consider the aggregate loss in value of a diesel fuelled boat and claims for compensation over loss of value? Maybe along the lines of "perceived value" in the manner of valueing the goodwill of a business?

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    Two beers please, my friend is paying.

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    Default Re: Re Dear Gordon B.

    I appreciate I asked for "constructive critisism" but my god you are all a negative lot......

    Perhaps I won't bother. You all seem to think it's a waste of time and as my boats petrol it doesn't actually affect me....... Except I want a diesel boat, but then if the price for the fuel goes up then I'll be able to afford one as the prices crash through the floor..........

    Why are we all so bloody awful at standing up for ourselves in this country? All I can read into these posts are "Don't bother".

    Anyone out there actually able to make a CONSTRUCTIVE point that might actually help the case instead of trying to blow it apart??

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    Why can't we work 2 days a week and boat the other 5????

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    Default Re: Re Dear Gordon B.

    To be quite frank, after weeks of this stuff, I'm bored senseless!.

    If there are any more threads on topic, take them to the new forum &lt;G&gt;

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    Default Rich boaters ????

    A great number of boaters are not rich and balancing costs and finances very carefully. This measure upsets that balance and causes the owner to reconsider his position and possibility to boat.

    Manufacturers such as Perkins supply large numbers of engines to various company's around the world 're-badged' - but the core is UK business based. Loss of advantage on diesel price will affect the status quo of this industry.

    Back to the average boater ..... I feel I am not the only one who 'winces' when having to fill that big diesel tank on board ... even at Red prices ..... witness the earlier forum of marina fuel costs - the number of posts highlighting marinas etc. cashing in on the boater .... I actually already consider how much fuel I use and when .... this will increase if the price goes up.

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