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Thread: How basic??

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    As a Coastguard Watch Manager at Dover I would have to agree with David's contribution.
    An adventure is only such as long as it is safe. Otherwise it is a dissaster.
    Coastguards at Dover will aid your safe crossing if you ask them to. Ask for the level of shipping activity for the area you intend to cross and if there is a window through which you could cross. Tidal and weather information is available or you may wish to lodge a Transit Report; pass your vessels name, callsign, point of departure, where you are bound, your ETA and the number of persons on board. If then something untoward should occur during your passage then at least we would have something to initiate a search for you. There is also a small boat safety scheme (CG66). Your vessel details and contacts are kept on a Coastguard database. The information is available to all Coastguard stations and it is proven that the information you provide helps when a search and rescue operation is required. You can get a CG66 form from a number of places; The form is available on the Maritime and Coastguard Agency web site or you could telephone your local Coastguard station and ask for the CG66 form to be sent to you by mail.
    There is also advise available when crossing the Shipping lanes on the Dover Coastguard web site.
    Regards Rob

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    on my first live-aboard i sailed from uk to, and all around the western med with only compass, sextant and rdf. great feeling of achievement when you actually hit the port you were aiming for !!

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