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    Default Yanmar 3Jh3E Oil Pressure problem

    I have a Yanmar 3JH3E with both an oil pressure switch and a gauge. Engine is around 3500 hours and ten years old but appears to be running perfectly. I regularly (every 100 hours or so) change the oil and oil filter. The oil pressure gauge has always shown low oil pressure from new (it shows a fairly low pressure when you start the engine and after a couple of hours drops to practically nothing but as I say, it has always done this). A couple of days ago I was investigating a noise and worked out it was from the alarm on the engine control panel, not actually coming on, but sort of flickering, same with the light for oil pressure.

    This was hapening at all revs and (as it happens) the gauge was shoing oil pressure.

    I think it is just a faulty sender but I guess I should put a test gauge on it. I asked the local engineer (I am in Mallorca) and he wanted €500 to come and test it!!!

    Does anyone know if this would be OK to test it.

    Many thanks

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    Check your instrument wiring for faults such as a loose connection or a broken/bare wire. A guage set like you show will be ok for testing the true pressure but you will either need a t-piece on the pressure sender port or to remove the sender either way will give you true pressure but if you use a t-piece so as test guage and sender are both in service you can check the calibration of the oil guage on your panel. But check wiring first as intermittent alarms are often the wiring.


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