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    Default Great Bunch of People

    Just a short note to all those that we did not get to say goodbye to, we were on the outside of the raft and woken at 05:45 by the "Fresh" Navy boys and girls demanding to be let out to play! Frances did "explain" about naval etiquette but as they were on the competent crew course they obviously had not got to that chapter yet!

    After a nice evening and an extended drink (Thankyou Haydn) it was not the nicest alarm call. Especially as we had asked them in the evening if they wanted to re-raft outside us.

    Anyway at 0730 we were off for the Hamble and as sensibly, none of you guys were up and we did not fancy waking everyone up "the Navy way" we headed out. We got into Moodys at 1500 which thanks to the tides was way ahead of schedule.

    Thanks again to Jimi for the organisation and thanks again to the great gang of you all Butts, Wives and orphans for such a fun time.

    Frances is keen to set up ScuttleBubbles based on Liz's exploits for those partners and wives who can't quite understand why we don't look at anything other than sailing porn sites and mags! I think perhaps a link to the Early Learning Centre is called for.

    Lets slot in another meet this end of the Channel for the middle of the season if anyone is interested.

    Take care, fair winds and low diesel bills


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    Default Re: Great Bunch of People

    Seconded. Even as a stinky, gatecrashing the event - we had a fantastic time and were made very welcome by all (even if we did provide a bit of moutaineering practice in the raft!). Many thanks for organising things Jimi.

    Considering the "extended drinking" courtesy of Haydan and Deborah after the meal - I am in awe of the raggie ability to get up at 7:30 am following that and head off. Took us until Monday to recover - but possibly explains the interesting '3 boats together' manoevre that Nigel, Jayne and Col talked me into on Sunday. Seemed to work well though

    Great event, good weather (I have the sunburn to proove it), great people.
    Thanks all,


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