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    Default My new project... MFV Elizmor

    Edit - 10/01/14 - Having trouble launching:
    Supposed to have launched on the 10th Dec, then the 7th Jan, but it keeps getting cancelled because of insurance/liability issues. Any help or suggestions received. Lots of good publicity available in return.
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    So after five years of living on my Colvic Victor 34 sailing ketch 'Milestone' (Miley) along the south coast, I have decided it's time for a new project.

    Ever since I bought Miley, I have had a recurring dream where I discover an extra cabin on the boat. Living on a 34ft boat is pretty cosy and I've always wanted a bit more space.

    Well, I think I've got it!

    Say hello to Elizmor, a 53ft wooden ex-Scottish MFV. She was built in 1948 and has been skilfully converted into a liveaboard over the past 25 years. Elizmor is a ship in comparison to Miley - complete with bath, Rayburn, wood burning stove, microwave, fridge/freezer and washing machine! Not to mention the S P A C E! Most importantly, she still retains her sea-going features, including a fully-founded engine room complete with Gardner 6LX in full working order.

    I found Elizmor lying on the hard in Preston Marina, where she has been out of the water for around 10 years. She has been well-maintained and lived aboard during this time, and is in remarkable shape - especially her hull. I enlisted a great surveyor who gave her a clean bill of health, after a week-long moisture test to check on the splining.

    My plan is to re-launch Elizmor as soon as possible and then sail her down to the south coast - a long passage, and the Irish Sea in winter, nice! She needs a bit of work before she can go in the water, then I will launch her and sit her on a mud berth just next to the yard here where she can take up for a few weeks. She then needs some final recommissioning before she is ready to go to sea, so I will work through that whilst she is taking up, and then hope for a weather window for the journey.

    It's very exciting... I still can't believe I am her new guardian... she is AMAZING!

    I will use this thread to keep you all updated on our progress... now, I must go and throw another log on the fire.

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