Last year, jimi totally disregarded the pre-agreed rules by zooming out of newtown creek assuming i had cheated and already set off, when in fact i was merely preparing for the start. Then i followed him but knowing that he must have already cheated, i chased after him, cut him up very badly and made ready to shout abuse, only to find that it wasn't him at all.

So, having again been demoted to a rubbishy rental sailing boat i am at least in a good position to issue a new challenge, which is the same as the last one.

Obviously, we need someone of excellent character to adjudicate. Well, actually they don't need to be of very incredibly good character but at least slightly more trustworthy than a) jimi and b) me both of whom know each other too well, and last year assumed that the other was cheating all the time which on at least one or two occassions wasn't actually true.

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