1. The Grudge is not a race, cos our insurance won't allow it.

2. Some of us will start from the transit line of the entrance to newtown creek at 3pm on the saturday, and go to erm somehwere off calshot i think towards Mercury perhaps the chimney in line with the dolphin at calshot, under sail, and quite quickly. I bet i will sail quicker than some others. Well, the race prepared 25 foot bilge keeler for starters, surely, that's just got to be a windup?

3. Other sailyboats can join in The Grudge. It's best if you have some axe to grind about other participants which normally would be a bit unsporting but in The Grudge is more realistically accepted as an intrinsic if not the main reasoning behind the event.

4. Ianainge will give 15 minute warning (yeah, at 2:45) on agreed channel wotever seems to work, 5 minutes and erm 1 minute i think. Oh and the "go" bit as well, perhaps with an air horn or revving his engine to make a pile of smoke and then coughing a lot.

5. The idea is to do the trip with sails and string, not engines really. But in addition to the main Sailing class there could be a "mixed" class to include the more gutless motorboats with large canvas bimini covers and also cheaty/no-hoper sailing boats who were miles behind but just want to zoom up a bit to just behind that boat over there and make it look a bit respectable or have another crack at the leading bunch again which is fair enough i suppose.

6. Even if he doesn't realise it jimi is in this already, rudder or no rudder. But he might change the finish line if the calshot and chimney option is rubbish. However, he has to tell us beforehand on this thread.

7. The judges include iainainge and the delectable Pauline. There'll be no carping whatsoever and the judges decision is final. Yeah, right.

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