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    Default Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    Advice please on the best location for the battery charger. I am particularly concerned about noise. How noisy are they when the cooling fans kick in ? Where is the charger on your boat ? Are you happy with the location.

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    Default Re: Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    I have the Sterling 50A version which has two fans. As you say it is very noisy.
    I mounted mine in the compartment under the navigators seat, to allow sufficient ventilation I cut a 3" hole in the panel and mounted a 12V computer case fan to provide additional airflow and hot air extraction from the locker.
    This is controlled by a small thermal switch which I screwed to the charger heatsink. When the heatsink gets hot the additional fan kicks in until the heatsink cools down.

    This has worked fine for 3 years and the noise is tolerable, though if anyone was sleeping in the saloon it would probably be distracting

    The charger fans don't run all the time on mine, only when charging at 30A + so even with the batteries well donw the fans are only on for a couple of hours


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    Default Re: Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    On the last boat, a Hunter 30 we had a Sterling 20 sited in a cockpit locker screwed to the bulkhead. We forgot that it was there until, one day in Brest Marina the fan started up for the first time.

    Although I am a fan of Sterling products, we did not buy a Sterling charger for the current boat as the old one gave off RFI like Droitwich. We bought a Dolphin instead. This is sited in the saloon in a recess behind the chart table pedestal. The fan on this cuts in and out even in ambients of circa 60F and it will be interesting to see how long the fan is on as Greece heats up to the summer. Luckily this charger has virtually nil RFI profile and the fan is very quite.

    So it is location. location, etc.. that matters it would seem. Somewhere remote, like a well protected place in an outside locker where it's less likely to need the fan or inside for better protection but the likelihood of annoyance is greater.

    That's the choice.

    Steve Cronin

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    Default Re: Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    I have a Sterling 20amp charger and it's mounted next to the quarter berth on the companion way steps. To be honest I've only heard the fans running a couple of times and they didn't strike me as being very loud but then I've rarely run the batteries very low and anyway it may be a different unit design to yours.

    The air flow around the unit is very good - perhaps the fans are sensitive to ambient temperature and just don't need to come on much in my case?

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    Default Re: Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    Recently the bought same unit for Aeolus - perhaps against recommendations I built a box with a door into which I installed the battery charger and AC breakers etc. This I have mounted against the forward bulkhead just under the coaming in the starboard cockpit locker. While at sea (and consequently not connected to the mains [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]), I keep the door closed as this protects the electronics from the elements, fenders etc... When in port and plugged in, I leave the box door open. This is not ideal, but the locker is quite large and hence cooling isn't and issue, and any noise the unit makes cannot be heard from inside the saloon.

    It was the best I could come up with - there simply are not that many places to install this type of equipment on the boat.

    Regards, Jeff.

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    Default Re: Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    Hi Tom52!

    I agree with Steve_Cronin. My charger is also in the cockpit locker fixed to its forward bulkhead. Here it is well ventilated and, even in the dead of night, the fan is virtually inaudible. Suggest it might be worth your trying your unit in the possible positions, so that you can judge noise, cable runs etc. Using a fan heater or similar should induce the fans to run and help you decide.

    Good sailing!

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    Default Re: Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    I have a 30amp Sterling Charger which I mounted in the "engine room" on the bulkhead. I confess that the cooling fan never sprang to mind when installing it in the warmest place on the boat!! However it works fine and sometimes when the fan cuts in it can remind you that you have left something switched on that maybe shouldn't be...

    If like me you also have an inverter it pays to switch the Charger OFF when the inverter is switched ON. That was interesting when happily downing a pint about 2 miles from where the boat was moored, I realised that I had left BOTH on. The batteries were powering the inverter which was powering the charger which was powering the batteries which were powering get the idea!!!

    Bannister apparently ran a mile in 4 mins .... you should have seen me go !

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    Default Re: Sterling 30amp battery charger location

    i have the 30A charger. i've never noticed a fan noise though it is mounted in the saloon. perhaps it would get hot if i was using a lot of current and charging as well.

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