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    Default Advertising our problem.

    Why not have a National advert with as many MOBO as possible listed with.

    Boat Name
    Money Spent on Diesel per year
    on Servicing
    on Marina
    on Entertaining
    on Traveling to boat
    on finance

    This would graphically display the unlisted costs of boating and the potential loss to the economy if we all moved to europe or gave up.

    With the UK holiday market in freefall decline. Boating is surely one of the few areas of UK holidays which is growing. I have not seen any comment on this point.

    This advert would also be a petition.

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    Default Re: Advertising our problem.

    That's easy.

    On servicing etc: as little as possible combined with DIY for cost reasons.
    On fuel: any money I have left (sometimes not much)

    I am very worried by the attitude of those who happily say "you'll just have to give up then". Interest rates climbing and fuel costs climbing, perhaps we should sell up and put the money into reducing our mortgages.

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    Default Re: Advertising our problem.

    Even within the boating world many are assuming that those with power boats can 'afford it' - then even within the power boat world many assume that those with a bigger boat can afford anything.

    In practice most power boat owners I know, no matter what the size of boat, would be hit so hard with the fuel rise that they would stop doing it or move abroad.

    Some of us choose to spend a higher proportion of our income on our boat rather than something else - size of boat does not directly correlate with size of income.

    Pratically everyone I know struggles to maintain their boat. I asked a 37 foot boat owner how much a local trip cost him in fuel - he told me about £40. In our local case we pay £1.20 per gallon - I asked him how often he would do the same trip if the cost was £160? His reply was never - he would have to get rid of the boat.
    Yet someone at the quay side looking on sees a nice shining 37 footer and assumes that the chap is rich - in fact he devotes a large part of his income to his boat and has a very ordinary income just a little above the UK average. For many like this they would not have the option of moving their boat abroad - the market with all its associated industry would simply dissappear - no more tex would be raised - in fact it would almost certainly be less tax than before.

    If the concession stops then it would just be a politcial move to comply with Europe and the sacrifice of a relatively small number of boaters would be as nothing.

    To date not one response from MP's has done other than not even deal with the issue nor have they clearly stated their own views. My MP has not even responded despite the fact that I have known him personally for 30 years.

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    Default Re: Advertising our problem.

    Advertise if you want, but most people will look at it and say "Rich ba***rds". You'll be shooting yourself in the foot.

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    Default Re: Advertising our problem.

    I'm afraid that I agree with Joe_Cole on this. I don't think that such an advert would work.

    What about if we use this situation to our benefit and clear our riverbanks, marinas, harbours and coastlines of all the old, rotting, un-repairable boats and scuttle them outside the house of commons. [img]/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Advertising our problem.

    I would thank you kindly to leave my boat exactly where it is please ! [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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