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Taplow – yes. My observations have been made using data from the monitor stations from Oxford and beyond down to Teddington. The subject related to river flooding seems to be controversial. Current thinking seems to support slowing down the rivers rather than speeding up. Whatever, the release of a greater volume at Datchet to my layman way of thinking will increase the likelihood of flooding further down. Certainly, the levels at Maidenhead appear to have been reduced by use of the Jubilee. I still believe the amount of rain compared with 2003 needs to be known.
Are you sure about that, I thought current thinking was to reduce the flow into the river not the river itself. Holding the water on flood plains by reducing the amount of fast flowing hard surfaces that allow water to drain into it too quickly is the problem, stuff on the news today about planting woodland that holds water in a flood plain and reduces flow etc. The river itself needs to flow as fast as possible to carry flood water away.

I remember in the 80's going to Hydraulics Research in Wallingford where my mother worked, they had a huge aircraft hanger with a scale model of the enitre Maidenhead flood plain modelled and the Jubilee river and Wraysbury areas down stream, for about 5 years this model was constantly filled with water and flooded the Jubilee river added and the effect of all scenarios mapped out, it was really quite impressive. So we have to trust the EA I don't think anybody on this forum is well enough informed to draw any real conclusions from casual observations.