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    Ha Ha !

    I often wondered where the never ending supply of 5 gallon blue unmarked pot floats come from and now I have discovered where!

    By sheer coincedence I was a wandering around the Portsmouth fish market and Ken Browns boat yard and discovered a pile of some 100 - 150 of the said 5 gallon blue drums.

    I was sorely tempted to set about them with my trusty spike but decided that probably wasn't a very good idea.

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    you're lucky ! 5 gallon plastic drums ,
    we get 2 gallon ones round my way. and a practice called sending them to sleep .
    setting them at low water so that they are just below the surface at h/w

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    Sailing from Gosport to Brighton, dodging the blue, black or green plastic oil containers all the way....suddenly, approaching Brighton, all the pot markers have poles and black flags! Visible for miles! Appear cheap too. Anyone know why? Is it the local harbour authority? If so, surely this is a mechanism for change?

    In Gosport Marina there is a new small dory-type fishing boat. The owner has just equiped himself with all new gear, meticulously made up, using dozens of tiny orange plastic floats guaranteed to scarcely float yet-alone be visible behind a wavelet. He seems a decent sort of chap with plenty of knowledge, but obviously has never been advised how to safely mark his pots.

    Getting an Authority to take active responsibility for this serious problem must be the way forward rather than vigilante criminal damage which would simply provoke a war between yachties and fishermen. It's bad enough trying to make yourself heard on VHF channel 6 already!

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