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    Default Re: 60% of something is better than 96% of nothing

    They are guaranteeing 35k, the ownership of the boat becomes theirs. If they sell it for 20k I have already got my 35k off the price of the new boat but, if they get more than 35k +4% comm they are saying they will give me the difference. Cant lose???

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    Default Re: 60% of something is better than 96% of nothing

    What I meant was they are IMHO flannelling you with the oh-so-tempting offer of 96% of anything over 35k. What's innit for them? you're gonna get nothing out of this part of the deal (or 96% of nothing to be precise). But if you make it worht their while you might get something IMHO

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    Default Re: yes, loose ends

    This a bit wiffly, and sounds as thought there is still looseness in the deal. You had to pex to buy bigger and Mr 15k boat will have to do the same, I'll bet.

    Ask for something worthwhile, not the partial possibility of a bit more money sometime? I would.

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    Default Re: GPS heating

    That's right. As soon as have you dragged yourself over the crystal glass-encrusted welcome mat, the delightfully named Fioul Management Systeme (that what it says) automatically detects you and uses gps heating to ensure that specific guests are irradiated such that they have an uncontrollable desire to jump off into the sea, and repeat the whole process to much amusement. I spect they had a similar thing with the lions and galdiatirs, tho less automated.

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    Default Re: GPS heating

    So all the pointy twiddly bits on top of the arch are actually going to be used to zoom in on people and micro-wave them? Could see it as a good means of heating them up, but with my luck I'd hit a zippo lighter or main fuel vent/filler.

    Now that could really warm you up.... up.... and away.

    Barry D.
    Or then again...

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    Default Re: ah no...

    all the heating is diesel. Even the zippo lighters! Surely nobody would use those nasty single-flame lighter fluid ones?

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    Default Re: Buying a new boat

    One thing that anyone dislikes when selling is having to sell twice. If you are going to sign on the "dotted line" this weekend does that not mean that in essence the deal is done and that the only thing left is for you to --er well --- sign on the dotted line. If however you are going to make the final decision this weekend and you are in aposition to say yes then this is when the best deal will be done.

    If you are looking at a 130 k boat then at this time of year, if the boat is available and you are taking it now then 15% is probably about the mark plus a few fenders etc. Be realistic about what your boat is worth and look at similar for sale at the moment and deduct 15% from that price. Subtract one from tother and you should come up with your final figure. Extras such as Radar etc are easier to include in the deal as some manufacturers relly push to have their equipment put into new boats.

    Don't forget the flashy new coats and ropes and stuff.

    As has already been said don't hold too much hope out for the 96% of 5k. It aint goin to happen. Much more likely is that your boat will be sold on quickly to realise the cash at a figure that is much nearer to the REAL part ex figure.

    Good luck


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    Default Re: Buying a new boat

    I bought a new boat last June - The builder sold my old boat for me without asking for a comission and in nine years I only lost 1k. on the price. No discount on the new boat but some extras - I'm very pleased with the deal

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    Default Re: Didya buy it then?

    Do tell. if yes, praps start a new thread with this one a bit full.

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